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    Talent Concept

    We will be exhibiting: a triangular bag tea packaging machine, and another first-time mysterious machine. If you are interested, you can watch it on the spot. Looking forward to your visit, we will demonstrate the whole process of packaging on site. Innovation is the source of development, innovation is the requirement of progress, and innovation can only find the dream of development. We are here to invite you to fly our dreams and achieve our brilliant career. Exhibition time: 2014-05-16~2014-05-19 (one session per year) Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center Hall: Shanghai Shanghai Exhibition Hall Address: Human Resources Strategy of Xingyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai

    Through the effective implementation of talent introduction strategy, education training strategy, management improvement strategy, compensation and welfare strategy and employer brand strategy, we will create an ecological environment for talent development in “Working in Huatong, Learning in Huatong, Developing at xx, Success at xx”. .

    Human resource concept
    Adhere to the principle of fairness, justice, openness, competition, and ability to match jobs, attract people with the industry and the company's development prospects, nurture people with the platform of development, encourage people with vision and goals, and stay in an open, inclusive and collaborative enterprise atmosphere. Live people, encourage talents to innovate and embark on a broader stage.

    Human resource goal
     Adhere to the "people-centered" concept of enterprise development, attract, train and retain high-level talents closely related to the company's industry, create an elite talent team with reasonable allocation and structural optimization; and form effective macro and micro human resource development and management capabilities. To form a humanized and efficient management of employees at all levels; continuously improve the innovative compensation and welfare system, adapt to the corporate brand and scale, protect the rational flow, provide a solid guarantee for the stable backbone of the workforce; shape the image of the outstanding employer in the chemical fiber industry, build The “learning organization” employee growth mechanism effectively promotes the common development of employees and enterprises.

    Human resources mechanism
    Regarding talents as the most important asset of enterprises and the driving force for long-term development of enterprises, we will build long-term enterprises and employees by establishing a talent cultivation mechanism for echelon selection, a fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanism, a systematic training mechanism for different categories, and a reasonable and rich welfare distribution mechanism. A win-win community of interests to achieve the common growth of enterprises and employees.





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