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    Zhejiang Safran Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. team building activity


      Zhejiang Safran Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. aims to promote team spirit and teamwork among employees, build team building cohesion and corporate culture, and be able to face customers with a new mental outlook and serve customers with a better working attitude, specific to 2020 Went to Huangshan, Anhui for team building activities on September 18-20.

      On September 19th, it finally ushered in Safran’s first team building activity. Everyone was full of expectations. They arrived at the pick-up point to the scenic spot early. Colleagues raised the Safran team flag high and it was difficult to conceal their excitement.

      On the way to the mountain, I saw the welcoming pine growing in the crevices of the rock, and also admired the dreamlike sea of clouds, as well as the strange rocks in various shapes and shapes.

      Mountain climbing is a physical activity. It is a great challenge for young people who lack exercise, but no one gave up on the way. For the beauty and infinite scenery, everyone insisted on going up.

      Although the climbing process is relatively difficult, everyone is constantly working hard and encouraging each other to climb to the top of the mountain

      Through this mountaineering, let us try the joy that persistence brings us, and the rewards given to us, there will be more beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain waiting for us, if we give up, maybe we missed it

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